Younger Lesbian vs. Older Lesbian

Just this past weekend I was clearing through my “random/odd-mixed” box of crap. As I was throwing out old junk, I came across rainbow-heart keychains and various buttons (which are all rainbow colors, too) with sayings such as: We Are All Equal, Love is Love, and All Families Matter. This made me laugh out loud. That was the Younger Lesbian.


The Lesbian Bat Signal
The Lesbian Bat Signal

Looking at them I remembered my youth, all my curiosity and questions, my coming out, and my NEED to show everyone I was a lesbian. I sported those things everywhere I went; on my purse, my keys (which I used to hang from my pocket), etc. I even had shirts that pretty much screamed I’M A HOMO. For me, I needed to be identified as a lesbian. I finally knew who I was and I needed to show everyone I had figured it out. Even in my appearance, I used to dress quite edgy. I had a tee-shirt with a tie on the front that I used to wear constantly. I made my hair short and choppy. All while showing off my rainbow buttons. Thinking this would make me look “gayer” and give off my gay vibes. Oh, being young…

I haven’t come in contact with any LGBT youth recently, so I’m curious if that need to show your rainbow pride still exists. When I was younger, the LGBT community wasn’t talked about as much as it is today (we’re moving forward, whoop). Don’t get me wrong, I gay myself out for Pride and I do currently drive around with an HRC equality sticker on my bumper. I will always be an advocate. I am part of the LGBT community and equality still needs to be voiced.

As the Older Lesbian, my need to be “rainbow’d out” no longer exists. I look at it as – I am who I am. I like women and I also like chocolate. There’s no difference to me. I actually find all the rainbow stuff now to be quite cheesy and a bit tacky, lol! I still LOVE rainbows, but they don’t need to be plastered on everything I own. I used to want a rainbow flag hanging from my house (whenever I eventually got one), and now I just giggle. I guess I’m a bit more tasteful when it comes to showing my individual pride. :D

Yes, I'm a lesbian, but I've donated the rainbow earrings ;)
Yes, I’m a lesbian, but I’ve donated the rainbow earrings ;)

Please feel free to add your own Young Vs. Old thoughts, I’d love to hear them! This topic just made me laugh. Growing up is such an experience, isn’t it? ;P


The Real L Word: Season 3 – Get ready for a “Ladies Night”

West meets East

Tune in on Thursday, July 12th at 10pm

Here we go again ladies! Showtime’sThe Real L Word” is back and better than ever before (so I’ve heard). Get ready for that stir-crazy drama that we all get hooked on. In season 3 we meet new women from both the west side (LA) and east side (NY). Sounds gang related, no? But in the sexiest way possible of course! These women all intertwine in many different ways which we will all find out together.

Whitney is a veteran of The Real L Word. We’ve seen her since season 1. She’s the one women that is always compared to “Shane” from the show that inspired this show, “The L Word”. This season also revisits the lives of Sara, Romi, Kacy, and Cory that were featured in Season 2. The newbies are always fun to throw in because it always puts a different spin on the series. This season we meet Lauren (partying it up in LA), Amanda (from NY, Lauren’s “BFF, friends-with-benefits” buddy), Kiyomi (“heartbreaking” rockstar in an all lesbian band), and Somer (newly married to her wife, having a hard time living a “normal”, domesticated lifestyle while being a new member of the all lesbian band).

So there you have it, some fun to look forward to tomorrow night! Make sure to tune in, TiVo it, go to someone’s house to watch, whatever you gotta do! DO IT :P For more detailed information check out the official website here:

Lesbian Movies

Ok ladies, here is my list of recommended films :D 

1.)  Aimee & Jaguar

2.) I Can’t Think Straight

3.) Amour de Femme (French film)

4.) Fingersmith

5.) The Secrets

6.) The Kids Are All Right

7.) High Art

8.) Loving Annabelle

9.) Gia

10.) The World Unseen

11.) Imagine Me & You

12.) Elena Undone

13.) The Gymnist

14.) When Night Is Falling

15.) Saving Face

16.) Eloise (2009, Spanish film)

17.) Bloomington

18.) The Fish Child (Spanish film)

19.) Kyss Mig (Swedish film)

20.) Drool

21.) It’s In The Water

22.) Kissing Jessica Stein

23.) An Unexpected Love

24.) Bound

25.) Running On Empty Dreams

26.) Circumstance (Iranian film)

27.) Three Veils

28.) Purple Sea (Italian film)

29.) Blue Is The Warmest Color (French film)

All of these films have something different and unique that I enjoy. If you’re into more of the action versus storyline, some of these you may find boring. I personally enjoy a great storyline with great characters. Of course the steamy love scenes and romance gets me hooked also! :D

Have fun!