Younger Lesbian vs. Older Lesbian

Just this past weekend I was clearing through my “random/odd-mixed” box of crap. As I was throwing out old junk, I came across rainbow-heart keychains and various buttons (which are all rainbow colors, too) with sayings such as: We Are All Equal, Love is Love, and All Families Matter. This made me laugh out loud. That was the Younger Lesbian.


The Lesbian Bat Signal
The Lesbian Bat Signal

Looking at them I remembered my youth, all my curiosity and questions, my coming out, and my NEED to show everyone I was a lesbian. I sported those things everywhere I went; on my purse, my keys (which I used to hang from my pocket), etc. I even had shirts that pretty much screamed I’M A HOMO. For me, I needed to be identified as a lesbian. I finally knew who I was and I needed to show everyone I had figured it out. Even in my appearance, I used to dress quite edgy. I had a tee-shirt with a tie on the front that I used to wear constantly. I made my hair short and choppy. All while showing off my rainbow buttons. Thinking this would make me look “gayer” and give off my gay vibes. Oh, being young…

I haven’t come in contact with any LGBT youth recently, so I’m curious if that need to show your rainbow pride still exists. When I was younger, the LGBT community wasn’t talked about as much as it is today (we’re moving forward, whoop). Don’t get me wrong, I gay myself out for Pride and I do currently drive around with an HRC equality sticker on my bumper. I will always be an advocate. I am part of the LGBT community and equality still needs to be voiced.

As the Older Lesbian, my need to be “rainbow’d out” no longer exists. I look at it as – I am who I am. I like women and I also like chocolate. There’s no difference to me. I actually find all the rainbow stuff now to be quite cheesy and a bit tacky, lol! I still LOVE rainbows, but they don’t need to be plastered on everything I own. I used to want a rainbow flag hanging from my house (whenever I eventually got one), and now I just giggle. I guess I’m a bit more tasteful when it comes to showing my individual pride. :D

Yes, I'm a lesbian, but I've donated the rainbow earrings ;)
Yes, I’m a lesbian, but I’ve donated the rainbow earrings ;)

Please feel free to add your own Young Vs. Old thoughts, I’d love to hear them! This topic just made me laugh. Growing up is such an experience, isn’t it? ;P


CinderFella by Todrick Hall – Legalize Love

What an amazing concept this man had for a video! CinderFella is by far the greatest inventive way of putting the past with the present. In Todrick Hall’s own words he states:

“I wanted to tell this famous fairy tale in a new and innovative way, combining familiar top 40’s songs with classic Disney melodies. This story speaks volumes and I think that love is as classic as this fairy tale. It’s time for us to legalize love in all shapes and colors. Please support this movement by posting this on your social media sites.”

When I was watching I felt like a kid again; I was reliving all those classic movies and remembering how I had pictured my own fairy tale. The spin on each story is what makes this video so unique and diverse. Love is all that matters. It goes back centuries. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight, or transgender – we all deserve love and happiness.

This video also features some big names such as Janice Dickinson, Kimberly Cole, Lance Bass, Aubrey O’ Day, and many more!

“Legalize Love”

PLEASE check out Todrick Hall’s YouTube page! All his other videos had me laughing so hard. In one video he recreates  a scene from Beauty And The Beast calling it, “Beauty And The BEAT!” Who had that title first I wonder – him or Justin Bieber? Now they have to sing it out together ;P What do you think? They can recreate some other story.

Back to Todrick’s page though, he has other stuff like singing his food order at various fast food locations, random flash mobs, and just being all around funny! Here is the link to his YouTube:

Thanks everyone! Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, etc.  :)

Cover video of “Pumped Up Kicks” by Dani Shay

Can I just start by saying, holy wow! Dani Shay gave this song a whole NEW meaning! It’s incredible. I was watching the original version by Foster The People, and it really isn’t in-depth and doesn’t send a strong, important message to viewers. Dani Shay, Justin Chase, and Sierra Joe took this song and turned it into a brand new hit. They exposed the topic of being bullied and how it feels to be in so much pain. Especially if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered.

It takes one person to stand up for someone who’s being bullied. That one person can change their entire outlook and also send the message to the person who’s being the bully that it is NOT okay! There’s actually this children’s book that we have read to my Kindergarten class before and it’s called, “It Only Takes One.” It talks about bullying and how it only takes one person to step up and say No, and that courage spreads to more people who eventually shut the bully down. This book should be in high schools, I swear lol! The author is by Kathryn Otoshi. Check it out!

Back to Dani Shay – her message now is to Be More Heroic. She created this new non-profit organization to help “inspire individuals and communities to stimulate positive, proactive and courageous action in their daily lives.” (Tweet #BeMoreHeroic to spread the message to others).

Now for the video:

Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook

I came across this Facebook page through a friend and was curious to read more about it. I think it’s wonderful! You MUST read their “info” page and see how it all began. It’s motivational and very inspiring. Here is a few parts taken from the page:

“Thank you for taking the time to visit us here at WHOF, WHOF stands for Wipeout Homophobia On Facebook, and yes I know that technically wipeout should be two words, however I thought that it would be something a bit different, as in a “Total Wipeout” when someone is knocked sideways from a surfboard by a giant wave, I see WHOF as that wave and homophobes as the surfer, surfing the internet spreading hate and bigotry.

I suppose I should start with a brief history of WHOF, it all started one Sunday afternoon on the 9th May 2010 when I was flicking through Facebook as I quite often do. During one search for a local gay group I found a lovely little Facebook group called “All gays must be burned alive” and another called “Slit a f*ggo+s throat today”. The two groups only had a few members , about 30 or so, but all I could think was what if one of my nephews or nieces found this page and read some of the homophobic hate speech it contains.

I decided to click “report” on both pages, and for good measure I flagged and reported the individual hate speech comments. Hate speech is illegal in most of the free world and is also against Facebook’s own terms of use. Hate speech and free speech should never be confused with each other, as hate speech can and does kill.”

If you have Facebook, PLEASE take the time to read about it, LIKE the page, and SHARE it with others!