Younger Lesbian vs. Older Lesbian

Just this past weekend I was clearing through my “random/odd-mixed” box of crap. As I was throwing out old junk, I came across rainbow-heart keychains and various buttons (which are all rainbow colors, too) with sayings such as: We Are All Equal, Love is Love, and All Families Matter. This made me laugh out loud. That was the Younger Lesbian.


The Lesbian Bat Signal
The Lesbian Bat Signal

Looking at them I remembered my youth, all my curiosity and questions, my coming out, and my NEED to show everyone I was a lesbian. I sported those things everywhere I went; on my purse, my keys (which I used to hang from my pocket), etc. I even had shirts that pretty much screamed I’M A HOMO. For me, I needed to be identified as a lesbian. I finally knew who I was and I needed to show everyone I had figured it out. Even in my appearance, I used to dress quite edgy. I had a tee-shirt with a tie on the front that I used to wear constantly. I made my hair short and choppy. All while showing off my rainbow buttons. Thinking this would make me look “gayer” and give off my gay vibes. Oh, being young…

I haven’t come in contact with any LGBT youth recently, so I’m curious if that need to show your rainbow pride still exists. When I was younger, the LGBT community wasn’t talked about as much as it is today (we’re moving forward, whoop). Don’t get me wrong, I gay myself out for Pride and I do currently drive around with an HRC equality sticker on my bumper. I will always be an advocate. I am part of the LGBT community and equality still needs to be voiced.

As the Older Lesbian, my need to be “rainbow’d out” no longer exists. I look at it as – I am who I am. I like women and I also like chocolate. There’s no difference to me. I actually find all the rainbow stuff now to be quite cheesy and a bit tacky, lol! I still LOVE rainbows, but they don’t need to be plastered on everything I own. I used to want a rainbow flag hanging from my house (whenever I eventually got one), and now I just giggle. I guess I’m a bit more tasteful when it comes to showing my individual pride. :D

Yes, I'm a lesbian, but I've donated the rainbow earrings ;)
Yes, I’m a lesbian, but I’ve donated the rainbow earrings ;)

Please feel free to add your own Young Vs. Old thoughts, I’d love to hear them! This topic just made me laugh. Growing up is such an experience, isn’t it? ;P


Being “out” at work

I’ve written previous blogs about when you realize you have a rainbow soul, coming out, acceptance, etc. What I haven’t covered is once you’ve come out to family and friends, what happens in work settings? And what happens when people start asking you those fun questions that can feel like they are prying you open. I want to write about this because it’s been happening to me lately.

I’m proud to be a lesbian and I normally don’t have a hard time coming out to new people, but one must assess the situation first before jumping in head first screaming, “I’M A HOMO!” Let me clarify; depending on your work setting (meaning what you do exactly), how close you are to your coworkers and how lenient the environment is determines how your job could possibly be affected by your coming out. It’s sad to even say that, but homosexuals lose their jobs all the time because they are gay.

When I started teaching at an Elementary School I would ask myself, “do I tell these people about me? Should I just lie about it?” I drove myself insane with all the questions. The last thing you want to feel at work is weird and uncomfortable. Recently one of my coworkers has been asking me a lot of personal questions and I feel a little wary because she has that “old-school” outlook on life, from what I’ve gathered of her so far. Yes, I want to tell her I’m gay, BUT at the same time I know I will be working with her all the time and her knowing could change the environment where I work.

I feel like a work environment should always stay somewhat “professional”. Again, it all depends on what you do and what the environment is like. Not everyone needs to know everything about me. And not just that I’m gay, but other personal things I may not want to share. Get what I’m trying to say here? Assess your situations first. I’m not saying be scared and never come out, but obviously if it’s going to make your work environment uncomfortable, why do it right away?

Please feel free to write your own thoughts & experiences. I’d love to hear them! :)

Antelope Valley Fair removes rainbow flags

The Antelope Valley Fair removed all of its rainbow flags after an anonymous caller stated that, “the flags endorsed gay rights.” The city played dumb and acted like they didn’t know what the flags symbolized. Basically, they figured if they removed the flags, they’d remove the problem. WRONG! This just allows these ignorant people to stay that way. This is the problem with society, right when someone has an issue the issue is taken away so no one has to deal.

I’m pleased to say that the Lancaster Outreach Center did speak up and said that removing those flags sends a poor message. The US Department of Justice has now opened and investigation into civil rights allegations by police in the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale. I’m glad – what happened was not okay and we need to keep sending out our rainbow energy to fight for what’s right and help to educate these people.

I got this information from an article on NBC Los Angeles: