Younger Lesbian vs. Older Lesbian

Just this past weekend I was clearing through my “random/odd-mixed” box of crap. As I was throwing out old junk, I came across rainbow-heart keychains and various buttons (which are all rainbow colors, too) with sayings such as: We Are All Equal, Love is Love, and All Families Matter. This made me laugh out loud. That was the Younger Lesbian.


The Lesbian Bat Signal
The Lesbian Bat Signal

Looking at them I remembered my youth, all my curiosity and questions, my coming out, and my NEED to show everyone I was a lesbian. I sported those things everywhere I went; on my purse, my keys (which I used to hang from my pocket), etc. I even had shirts that pretty much screamed I’M A HOMO. For me, I needed to be identified as a lesbian. I finally knew who I was and I needed to show everyone I had figured it out. Even in my appearance, I used to dress quite edgy. I had a tee-shirt with a tie on the front that I used to wear constantly. I made my hair short and choppy. All while showing off my rainbow buttons. Thinking this would make me look “gayer” and give off my gay vibes. Oh, being young…

I haven’t come in contact with any LGBT youth recently, so I’m curious if that need to show your rainbow pride still exists. When I was younger, the LGBT community wasn’t talked about as much as it is today (we’re moving forward, whoop). Don’t get me wrong, I gay myself out for Pride and I do currently drive around with an HRC equality sticker on my bumper. I will always be an advocate. I am part of the LGBT community and equality still needs to be voiced.

As the Older Lesbian, my need to be “rainbow’d out” no longer exists. I look at it as – I am who I am. I like women and I also like chocolate. There’s no difference to me. I actually find all the rainbow stuff now to be quite cheesy and a bit tacky, lol! I still LOVE rainbows, but they don’t need to be plastered on everything I own. I used to want a rainbow flag hanging from my house (whenever I eventually got one), and now I just giggle. I guess I’m a bit more tasteful when it comes to showing my individual pride. :D

Yes, I'm a lesbian, but I've donated the rainbow earrings ;)
Yes, I’m a lesbian, but I’ve donated the rainbow earrings ;)

Please feel free to add your own Young Vs. Old thoughts, I’d love to hear them! This topic just made me laugh. Growing up is such an experience, isn’t it? ;P


YOUR questions answered by lesbian author, Kiki Archer!

The time has come my lovely friends and followers! You got the chance to video interview lesbian fiction author, Kiki Archer, and now it’s time to hear her responses.

We had so many wonderful questions sent in. Thank you to all those who participated! Take a look and see if you’ve been featured ;)

EXCLUSIVE chance to interview lesbian author, Kiki Archer!

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 4.37.51 PM


Here at LGBTQ Culture, I am offering you the exclusive chance to “Question Kiki.”

All you have to do is record a 10-15 second video clip of yourself on your phone asking Kiki a question.

Send the video clip to

Remember to introduce yourself and ask something interesting.

I will be posting her responses sometime next week.

Kiki Archer is a UK-based, best-selling, award-winning author. Her debut novel “But She Is My Student,” won the UK’s 2012 SoSoGay Best Book Award. Its sequel “Instigations,” took just 12 hours from its release to reach the top of the UK lesbian fiction chart; and Kiki’s third novel “Binding Devotion,” was a finalist in the 2013 Rainbow Awards. All quickly became bestsellers in their genre, and Kiki’s fourth offering, “One Foot Onto The Ice,” has been her most successful to date, breaking into the American contemporary fiction top 100 as well as achieving the US and UK lesbian fiction number 1.

Official Website:





Elliott Sailors and her gender-bending story


First can I just start by saying how much I LOVE stories like this? I love things out-of-the-norm and this is definitely one of those things!

Elliott Sailors was your typical female model until the day she decided to ‘revitalize’ her career and become a male model. Yes, I said it – MALE model. No, there was no sex change everyone. Her outer appearance became more masculine and she started to market herself differently.

I really liked what Huffington Post had to say in their article:

Sailors discovered that she could extend her career in this new gender role, rather than try to extend her tenure in the youth-obsessed female modeling world. “In the industry, females are expected to look younger longer than males are,” she said. “And I knew I was getting older.”

She also told Huffington Post that, “I’ve never identified as a male, but I’ve always described myself as a guy,” explaining that the career shift is not just a “phase.”

It’s inspiring to see women like her out there not afraid to be different. I also love that straight women will look at her as a guy and think, “he’s hot,” when HE is really a SHE! Haha. Ya never know who you’re looking at – never assume ;P

Her husband is also supportive of her new modeling gender identity. She says that people around them often assume they are a gay couple.


Here in the link to Huffington Post where her interview can be seen:

Wentworth Miller’s touching speech about coming out

Wentworth Miller, star of old hit show “Prison Break”, gave the most touching speech for the Human Rights Campaign about his painful coming out. He talks about what it was like being a gay child, the FIRST time he tried to kill himself at age 15, and being a gay man in the entertainment industry.

Now at age 41, he stands amongst his fellow LGBT community as a role model, a leader, and a man who wants to make a difference. To give those without courage a sense of belonging and knowing that you are not alone.

“Let me be to someone else, what no one was to me.”

Backstreet Boys “In A World Like This” – through the ages


If you’re around my generation, a 90’s kid, you probably remember the craze of the ‘boy bands’ and rockin’ out in your bedrooms to all their pop cassette tapes. Or maybe not, ha! Either way, we remember them and all the success they had. Over time though, the boy band craze died as the music world changed.

Now, in 2013, this hit band from the 90’s is back. They’re celebration of 20 years tour, “In A World Like This,” kicked off in May and goes through October. 

Official site:

Their latest single, In A World Like This, really caught my attention. No, it wasn’t that damn catchy beat, but it was the music video. Normally when we hear a song before seeing the video, we interpret it the way we want, the way we would relate to it. But it’s always interesting to see the artists view and what their meaning of the words meant to them.

It begins with a shot of an old TV set with the words “man walks on moon” across the screen and proceeds to show other historical events such as 9-11. What I was happily surprised to see was the end of the video; our countries most recent historical change, marriage equality! Not only has this band evolved throughout 20 years, but so has the world and the time we live in now. We have been fighting the great fight for equality and now that we have it, it’s great to see it being celebrated. :)

I’ll let you all watch, interpret for yourself, and relive your childhood memories of this back-in-action boy band, lol. Enjoy!

Lesbians need you, Jessie J!

“Don’t lose who you are, in the blur of the stars.” You said it yourself, Jessie.

“Just be true to who you are.” More lyrics from one of my favorite Jessie J songs:

So why, oh why, oh why, has Jessie J still not properly come out of the closet? Yes, she has given it the old “I don’t like labels, if I fall in love with a boy I fall in love with a boy, if I fall in love with a girl, I fall in love with a girl,” card, but Jessie J is not bisexual. Jessie J is a lesbian.

Jessie J and first long term girlfriend Kira Curtis-Howard.
Jessie J and first long term girlfriend Kira Curtis-Howard.

Last night I was watching the on screen chemistry between Jessie and Angie Miller on American Idol. See for yourself, there was a definite spark:

I watched it and it got me thinking. Does it matter that Jessie J has not publically labelled her sexuality? Should I be annoyed that she avoids the lesbian question with her hazy, ‘I’m trying to please everybody’ answers? My answer = Yes I should.


Jessie J is, and always has been an openly ‘out’ lesbian woman. She just hasn’t told the media yet. She was advised by her record label to play the bisexuality card so as not to alienate any potential fans. No wonder her girlfriend at the time, Kira Curtis-Howard, got annoyed and ran into the arms of Miss Rita Ora. Shock, horror, not another British singer hiding her sexuality? I’m afraid to say she is! So why won’t these women stand up and be proud of who they are?

Maybe you say it’s none of our business, and maybe it isn’t. But when Jessie is so open off camera, why can’t she be the same on camera? It makes us lesbians feel like she’s ashamed.

But Jessie, we need you! We need a lesbian role model who is out and proud. Please, just listen to your own lyrics and be true to who you are.

Kira in the ‘Do it like a dude’ video.
Kira in the ‘Do it like a dude’ video.


Rita Ora and Jessie. The UK’s not so secret lesbian clique!
Rita Ora and Jessie. The UK’s not so secret lesbian clique!

Heather Peace – “Fight For”

Lesbians know her from the hit TV series, Lip Service. What I didn’t know was her musical talent! Last year, Peace released a jazz album titled Fairytales, which topped the charts in the UK. (Side note – I LOVE British people!) Now with a new single out, she’s off on her UK tour.

With that being said, who doesn’t love a good fight? Especially when you’re fighting with heart? Heather Peace’s new music video “Fight For” shows the range of what people are willing to fight for; whether that be to stop animal cruelty or fight for equal marriage. I have always been a believer in fighting for the things that matter most to you, the things that bring the best out in you, change or growth within yourself, etc. We all have a fight inside of us, it’s just whether or not you want to take those steps and make a change.

This video features Heather Peace’s friends and family members each silently holding signs of what they are willing to fight for. Some are quite silly! Some want to fight for the greater good in the world, as others want to fight for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep lol. “Fight For” is currently available on iTunes – so go get it! Support our fellow lesbians :)

Heather Peace’s Official Website:


Kylie Minogue smooches Elvis’ grand-daughter in new film “Jack & Diane”

The Australian superstar is putting her microphone down and using her mouth for other ventures. How exciting!

Little background: Kylie Minogue is HUGE in the LGBT world. Her fans are very committed to following her and staying up-to-date with her latest hits. She has always been very open to our community; performing at Pride events, LGBT Mardi Gras, and continuous gay venues throughout the world. Why wouldn’t we follow her? She’s amazing!

Back to the film – Jack and Diane, two teenage girls, meet in New York City and spend the night kissing ferociously. Diane’s charming innocence quickly begins to open Jack’s tough skinned heart. But, when Jack discovers that Diane is leaving the country in a week she tries to push her away. Diane must struggle to keep their love alive while hiding the secret that her newly awakened sexual desire is giving her werewolf-like visions.” (IMDb)

Finally, a lesbian horror/werewolf/romance film! Don’t think it’ll be exactly what you’re thinking though. I don’t believe there will be actual wolves as seen in the Twilight saga, but those “werewolf-like visions” do spark my curiosity!

So, where does Kylie fit in? Oh, she fits in just perfectly! Kylie, who plays tattooed character Tara, seduces the young teen Jack who comes to her for some kind of answers. At least that’s what I got from the trailer. Tara asks Jack, “why did you come here tonight?” (psh, I know why!) Jack responds, “I don’t know.” (Yes you do!) :P I love how different Kylie looks in this film. She’s so rugged with her hair all messy, tats on her arms, no glossy lips – not the typical Kylie we’re used to seeing.

“Jack & Diane”, directed by Bradley Rust Gray, will be on demand September 27th, 2012 and in selected theaters November 2nd, 2012! :D

Official website:

CinderFella by Todrick Hall – Legalize Love

What an amazing concept this man had for a video! CinderFella is by far the greatest inventive way of putting the past with the present. In Todrick Hall’s own words he states:

“I wanted to tell this famous fairy tale in a new and innovative way, combining familiar top 40’s songs with classic Disney melodies. This story speaks volumes and I think that love is as classic as this fairy tale. It’s time for us to legalize love in all shapes and colors. Please support this movement by posting this on your social media sites.”

When I was watching I felt like a kid again; I was reliving all those classic movies and remembering how I had pictured my own fairy tale. The spin on each story is what makes this video so unique and diverse. Love is all that matters. It goes back centuries. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight, or transgender – we all deserve love and happiness.

This video also features some big names such as Janice Dickinson, Kimberly Cole, Lance Bass, Aubrey O’ Day, and many more!

“Legalize Love”

PLEASE check out Todrick Hall’s YouTube page! All his other videos had me laughing so hard. In one video he recreates  a scene from Beauty And The Beast calling it, “Beauty And The BEAT!” Who had that title first I wonder – him or Justin Bieber? Now they have to sing it out together ;P What do you think? They can recreate some other story.

Back to Todrick’s page though, he has other stuff like singing his food order at various fast food locations, random flash mobs, and just being all around funny! Here is the link to his YouTube:

Thanks everyone! Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, etc.  :)