Book Review & Interview: “Guilty Hearts” by Jade Winters


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Before getting to know the English language (as in UK English), I never knew what a “honey trap” meant or was. Maybe that’s just me and my lack of expanded vocabulary? Anywho, this book sent me through a mix of emotions.

First we meet Rachel. Oh is she a looker! She is one of those girls everyone thinks is straight but is wearing her rainbow cape everywhere she goes. My first impression of her was confident, carefree, and looking for no-strings-attached fun with the ladies. Then we meet the successful interior designer, (also very attractive), Kathryn, who lacks that excitement she so desperately wants in her personal life. Oh that Kathryn, unbeknown to her, when she first meets Rachel she is clueless to the set-up (as she should be). Cue honey trap. Yes, I used it – Kathryn’s husband sets her up! *gasp* Poor Gareth (Kathryn’s hubby) – thinking it would be as innocent as slight flirting. What he ends up initiating is more than any of us expected. The connection is instant and undeniable between the two beauties.

As for my review, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an easy read and a love story that’ll leave you with a smile on your face. I felt for these characters (we meet and love many) and join them on their journeys to finding themselves and the meaning of love and committment. I did find myself wanting more detail in particular scenes. I’m a person who likes to envision every moment taking place – not saying I couldn’t – just wanted a bit more.

I won’t give it away, but in the story Kathryn does something for Rachel that I actually “awed”  out loud to. :) I love moments like those! I look forward to reading more of Jade Winter’s novels!

I also had the wonderful opportunity to ask Jade a few questions:

When did you decide, ‘hey I like this writing thing, I’m going to do it full-time’? Or maybe it went a bit differently, but when and what was it for you that made you want to do this as a career?

I’ve always enjoyed writing from when I was a kid. Back then I dreamt of writing scripts and having them made into films (sigh). Never in a million years did I think I’d be writing novels, as I saw authors as very serious people of which I’m most definitely not. I ended up writing my first book by accident. I had an idea for an article about the gay by nature versus nurture debate and I thought –  what if a gay woman had amnesia and couldn’t remember she was gay – would she instinctively know?  I knew it would be a great story, so I thought hey why don’t you write it. So I did. I found I liked putting stories down on paper and so decided what better way to live than to do something you love every single day. Voila here I am. :-)

Everyone has their inspirations. What drives/inspires your writing?

Necessity! I have little films going on in my head which keep repeating themselves until I get them out of system. So for me, It’s either write or go insane.

Not sure how you authors do it, especially with some of the topics/stories I’ve come across, but how much research do you put into your books? How much went into Guilty Hearts?

Normally, the research I cover will mainly have to do with the characters jobs. For Guilty Hearts I got totally distracted and spent more time than I should have looking at all the amazing cat den’s people have created for their pets. Most of my stories tend to deal with emotions, so I draw from my own experiences or nag friends and family for theirs.

What was the hardest and easiest thing about writing Guilty Hearts?

I wouldn’t say there were any hard parts to it as Guilty hearts is quite a straight forward love story. The easiest part was building the growing attraction between the main characters, because I really liked the idea of them as a couple :-) So it was interesting to watch how they progressed.

What environment do you find yourself writing in the most? Do you have any pre-writing habits/rituals?

I have to write in a stress-free environment which means no distractions from the TV, phone etc.

Before I start writing I get into the habit of exercising every day with a half hour run along the beach. Also, out goes the tea, in comes lemon and ginger. Sugar and carbohydrates also go out the window as without them I think clearer. Obviously once the book is finished I revert back to old habits :-)

Give us 5 completely random facts about you (not author/writing related)

I always pick snails up in the rain and put them in a safe place so no one stands on them.

I drink celery juice every morning despite it being the one thing I detest most in the world.

I spend way too much time on YouTube watching cat videos.

I love watching old black and white films especially ones starring Bette Davis or Joan Crawford

I read my first lesfic book in 1988


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