Inspiration is Everywhere

I have always been someone who is a deep thinker. If you look at me it may not seem that way, but the gears are always going inside my head; continuous scenarios replaying, questions and curiosities, what if’s and why not’s, constantly going without end. I’m one of those people. I am also one of those people who journals a lot. I like to get my thoughts out on paper, especially because I have many of them. Not everyone is up for deep conversations so I am left with my pen and my journal.

It’s interesting though because I never enjoyed writing in school or having to write in a specific format. That’s not a strength of mine, however, after just taking an English course this past semester I was pleasantly surprised at my passing grade AND having one of the third highest percentages in the class. Pretty cool and yes, I’m bragging. ;)

Recently I started reading Jamie Tworkowski’s book titled, “If You Feel Too Much.” Jamie is founder of the non-profit organization To Write Love on Her Arms, a movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide ( This book is deep and raw. It is a compilation of personal stories, e-mails, and essays that let’s people know they are not alone.


I loved blogging, mostly for fun, but I really enjoyed knowing someone may have gotten something out of it. I haven’t in so long because life can get in the way. That daily routine we all get lost in. Jamie’s book has been a reminder for me to keep doing what I love and to keep my own personal stories going. It has also reminded me to keep inspiring others as much as I can.

“It’s better to be true than to be cool. Be yourself. Do what you love.”


“Faking It” on MTV


Alright. Here’s my dilemma… I don’t know where to begin with this one. First off, I applaud MTV for once again showcasing the LGBT community on their network. Buuuuuuut, I am not too thrilled about how they showcased them.

The premiere/pilot of “Faking It” was just this past week.  As I was cruising the various stations on my TV tonight, I spot two girls kissing and immediately stop my channel surfing. I had to see the whole episode, so as the good dedicated lesbian that I am I went online and start watching it (you can watch it here –

This show is basically about two BFF’s, Amy (Rita Volk, the blondie) and Karma (Katie Stevens, boy crazed brunette) who pretend to be lesbians to gain social acceptance at their super-tolerant high school (which oddly enough is in Texas, granted Austin is supposed to be super hip – so my bro says). Anyway, if I knew being a lesbian was so cool I would have come out a lot sooner! Jokes aside, in the world we live in today, and how far we’ve come with LGBT equality, it’s as if this show is going backwards. Helloooo, be yourself and you’ll get friends that way. Yes, let’s teach our youth to lie and pretend to be someone they aren’t just to fit in. Good message MTV! Wait, let me remember, it is MTV and majority of this station consists of bullshit.

Ok, calm down Katie, there’s still more to discuss.

I haven’t even gotten to the hunky teenage boy who Karma undresses with her eyes every time she sees him. But wait, you’re supposed to be a lesbian, Karma… ugh, so confusing! Anyhow, it’s clear that Amy hates the entire set-up and doesn’t like “faking it” but does what makes her BFF happy. How sweet is she? I can already sense the “Oh shit, I’m a reeeeal lesbian and I’m going to fall in love with my best friend” situation. Anyone else feel that, too? It’s a given. MTV you can hire me now ;)

Long story short, Amy and Karma decide to keep going with the fake lesbian spiel and run for home-coming queens since now they are oh so “popular”. HA, it’s about to get cray! Cue Lauren, all high on her traditions and old-school ways, overhears the girls and how they’re making everyone believe they’re lesbians to fit in. Home-coming speech time comes around and BAM, Lauren blows those fake masks right off


Wait for it...
Wait for it…
Mhmm, I was sold here too.
Mhmm, I was sold here too.

Sealed with a kiss. The crowd goes wild.

Amy once again comes to the rescue of her dear BFF Karma and plants one right on her. And there you have it… the fakers successfully steal the show. Hmm, but that Amy… after that kiss… you know she was feeling more than she thought she would. Of course. One of them had to or this show wouldn’t exist.