Backstreet Boys “In A World Like This” – through the ages


If you’re around my generation, a 90’s kid, you probably remember the craze of the ‘boy bands’ and rockin’ out in your bedrooms to all their pop cassette tapes. Or maybe not, ha! Either way, we remember them and all the success they had. Over time though, the boy band craze died as the music world changed.

Now, in 2013, this hit band from the 90’s is back. They’re celebration of 20 years tour, “In A World Like This,” kicked off in May and goes through October. 

Official site:

Their latest single, In A World Like This, really caught my attention. No, it wasn’t that damn catchy beat, but it was the music video. Normally when we hear a song before seeing the video, we interpret it the way we want, the way we would relate to it. But it’s always interesting to see the artists view and what their meaning of the words meant to them.

It begins with a shot of an old TV set with the words “man walks on moon” across the screen and proceeds to show other historical events such as 9-11. What I was happily surprised to see was the end of the video; our countries most recent historical change, marriage equality! Not only has this band evolved throughout 20 years, but so has the world and the time we live in now. We have been fighting the great fight for equality and now that we have it, it’s great to see it being celebrated. :)

I’ll let you all watch, interpret for yourself, and relive your childhood memories of this back-in-action boy band, lol. Enjoy!