Pumped Up Kicks, cover. BeMoreHeroic

Can I just start by saying, holy wow! Dani Shay gave this song a whole NEW meaning! It’s incredible. I was watching the original version by Foster The People, and it really isn’t in-depth and doesn’t send a strong, important message to viewers. Dani Shay, Justin Chase, and Sierra Joe took this song and turned it into a brand new hit. They exposed the topic of being bullied and how it feels to be in so much pain. Especially if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered.

It takes one person to stand up for someone who’s being bullied. That one person can change their entire outlook and also send the message to the person who’s being the bully that it is NOT okay! There’s actually this children’s book that we have read to my Kindergarten class before and it’s called, “It Only Takes One.” It talks about bullying and how it only takes one person to step up and say No, and that courage spreads to more people who eventually shut the bully down. This book should be in high schools, I swear lol! The author is by Kathryn Otoshi. Check it out!

Back to Dani Shay – her message now is to Be More Heroic. She created this new non-profit organization to help “inspire individuals and communities to stimulate positive, proactive and courageous action in their daily lives.” (Tweet #BeMoreHeroic to spread the message to others).


Now for the video: