Wentworth Miller’s touching speech about coming out

Wentworth Miller, star of old hit show “Prison Break”, gave the most touching speech for the Human Rights Campaign about his painful coming out. He talks about what it was like being a gay child, the FIRST time he tried to kill himself at age 15, and being a gay man in the entertainment industry.

Now at age 41, he stands amongst his fellow LGBT community as a role model, a leader, and a man who wants to make a difference. To give those without courage a sense of belonging and knowing that you are not alone.

“Let me be to someone else, what no one was to me.”


Backstreet Boys “In A World Like This” – through the ages


If you’re around my generation, a 90’s kid, you probably remember the craze of the ‘boy bands’ and rockin’ out in your bedrooms to all their pop cassette tapes. Or maybe not, ha! Either way, we remember them and all the success they had. Over time though, the boy band craze died as the music world changed.

Now, in 2013, this hit band from the 90’s is back. They’re celebration of 20 years tour, “In A World Like This,” kicked off in May and goes through October. 

Official site: http://www.backstreetboys.com

Their latest single, In A World Like This, really caught my attention. No, it wasn’t that damn catchy beat, but it was the music video. Normally when we hear a song before seeing the video, we interpret it the way we want, the way we would relate to it. But it’s always interesting to see the artists view and what their meaning of the words meant to them.

It begins with a shot of an old TV set with the words “man walks on moon” across the screen and proceeds to show other historical events such as 9-11. What I was happily surprised to see was the end of the video; our countries most recent historical change, marriage equality! Not only has this band evolved throughout 20 years, but so has the world and the time we live in now. We have been fighting the great fight for equality and now that we have it, it’s great to see it being celebrated. :)

I’ll let you all watch, interpret for yourself, and relive your childhood memories of this back-in-action boy band, lol. Enjoy!

What if straight was gay and gay was straight?

Love Is All You Need


This short, but powerful film has been showing in film festivals for over a year and is now making its debut on the web. One of my friends shared this with me and the moment it ended, I knew I HAD to post it! I am a HUGE anti-bullying advocate as well as an advocate for LGBT equal rights.

From the official website (http://www.towleroad.com/2013/04/watch-a-powerful-film-where-gay-is-straight-and-straight-is-gay.html) it states: “The film, which is about youth bullying in school, is set in an alternate reality where gay and straight are switched.”

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a moment and feel what they may feel. What they may be going through. Bullying happens and it’s NOT okay! No one should EVER make another person feel SO horrible about themselves that they contemplate or go through with suicide.

I cried watching this because I know on a daily basis this is happening and it breaks my heart. Please watch and share this video. Spread the word and help put an end to bullying!

Lesbians need you, Jessie J!

“Don’t lose who you are, in the blur of the stars.” You said it yourself, Jessie.

“Just be true to who you are.” More lyrics from one of my favorite Jessie J songs:

So why, oh why, oh why, has Jessie J still not properly come out of the closet? Yes, she has given it the old “I don’t like labels, if I fall in love with a boy I fall in love with a boy, if I fall in love with a girl, I fall in love with a girl,” card, but Jessie J is not bisexual. Jessie J is a lesbian.

Jessie J and first long term girlfriend Kira Curtis-Howard.
Jessie J and first long term girlfriend Kira Curtis-Howard.

Last night I was watching the on screen chemistry between Jessie and Angie Miller on American Idol. See for yourself, there was a definite spark:

I watched it and it got me thinking. Does it matter that Jessie J has not publically labelled her sexuality? Should I be annoyed that she avoids the lesbian question with her hazy, ‘I’m trying to please everybody’ answers? My answer = Yes I should.


Jessie J is, and always has been an openly ‘out’ lesbian woman. She just hasn’t told the media yet. She was advised by her record label to play the bisexuality card so as not to alienate any potential fans. No wonder her girlfriend at the time, Kira Curtis-Howard, got annoyed and ran into the arms of Miss Rita Ora. Shock, horror, not another British singer hiding her sexuality? I’m afraid to say she is! So why won’t these women stand up and be proud of who they are?

Maybe you say it’s none of our business, and maybe it isn’t. But when Jessie is so open off camera, why can’t she be the same on camera? It makes us lesbians feel like she’s ashamed.

But Jessie, we need you! We need a lesbian role model who is out and proud. Please, just listen to your own lyrics and be true to who you are.

Kira in the ‘Do it like a dude’ video.
Kira in the ‘Do it like a dude’ video.


Rita Ora and Jessie. The UK’s not so secret lesbian clique!
Rita Ora and Jessie. The UK’s not so secret lesbian clique!

Heather Peace – “Fight For”

Lesbians know her from the hit TV series, Lip Service. What I didn’t know was her musical talent! Last year, Peace released a jazz album titled Fairytales, which topped the charts in the UK. (Side note – I LOVE British people!) Now with a new single out, she’s off on her UK tour.

With that being said, who doesn’t love a good fight? Especially when you’re fighting with heart? Heather Peace’s new music video “Fight For” shows the range of what people are willing to fight for; whether that be to stop animal cruelty or fight for equal marriage. I have always been a believer in fighting for the things that matter most to you, the things that bring the best out in you, change or growth within yourself, etc. We all have a fight inside of us, it’s just whether or not you want to take those steps and make a change.

This video features Heather Peace’s friends and family members each silently holding signs of what they are willing to fight for. Some are quite silly! Some want to fight for the greater good in the world, as others want to fight for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep lol. “Fight For” is currently available on iTunes – so go get it! Support our fellow lesbians :)

Heather Peace’s Official Website: http://www.heatherpeace.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/heatherpeace

The Bully Project


My story:

This subject is very near and dear to my heart. Bullying is something that I’ve had a passion to fight against since I was 10 years old. When I was in the 5th & 6th grade I was a victim to a group of bullies. Girls. Mean girls who had nothing better to do than make my life miserable. I hated school, I hated people, and I felt alone. The worst part was that it got so bad that I didn’t want to live anymore. I wanted to take my own life away to stop from suffering. How devastating is that? A child, wanting to take their own life because someone else made them feel so small, like they already didn’t exist? Sadly, this is something that happens on a daily basis. Children being teased about their appearance, their particular behaviors, their sexual orientation, the list goes on. It’s something that NEEDS to stop!

What I didn’t understand as a child was that getting help was OKAY. I’d come home crying to my mother telling her how these girls would make me feel and she told me she’d go and speak to the school. My response was no. I’d get called a baby or a loser for having my mommy come and rescue me. I’d look even more helpless than I already felt. It was not an option for me. But guess what? It SHOULD have been. I ended up having a breakdown one afternoon, telling my mother I didn’t want to live. That I hated my life. She held me tight and told me everything would be okay. That we would figure it out.

My 7th grade year, my parents decided to pull me out of school. I was home-schooled. That one year changed my life in the most amazing way. My grandmother had suffered a massive stroke and couldn’t do really, anything, for herself. She came to live with us that year. I watched as my mom cared for her. My mom would give me responsibilities – like cooking her eggs. That was my job. I’d sit next to my grandmother and help feed her. In those moments I felt no longer helpless. I realized that I had so much to give just by those small tasks that were given to me. And there sat a woman, who really WAS helpless and I, the girl who felt like she had nothing to give, GAVE. I must admit I learned more life lessons that year than I did school lessons, and I’m okay with that.

A year later, we moved. I found a new power within myself to stand up for what I deserved. I returned to school – a new school, as a new person. I will not lie and say that was the end of my struggles, because it wasn’t. I had to make stronger choices, and remind myself to stand up for what was not right.


The Bully Project & I Stand For The Silent

Bullying is not right. No child/person should ever go thinking that it is either. I knew after my struggles that I wanted to become an educator; to help be a voice for those who thought they had none; to keep that watchful eye on victims of bullies, and to educate those “bullies” who think their actions are okay.

I came across The Bully Project the other night on CNN. Right away there was an advisory about violent material that would be shown. They weren’t kidding! I saw this poor child getting beat on while riding the bus to school. My heart sank! I will not give away all the details of this film, but I do urge you to please go and check it out. Spread the word. Become an advocate against bullying. This film is EYE-OPENING! It should be mandatory for any person working with children to watch it. Bully” also follows the life of a man and his wife who began an organization called Stand For The Silent”The T and the S are blue to symbolize their son, Ty Smalley, who was a victim of bullying and took his own life at the age of 11.

Here is the trailer for Bully:

I hope that from this blog you’ll feel empowered and want to make some bit of difference. Even if it’s small. Every bit counts! As the website states: Become an “Upstander”: 

An “upstander” is someone who recognizes when something is
wrong and acts to make it right. When an upstander sees or
hears about someone being bullied, they speak up.
Being an upstander is being a hero: we are standing up for
what is right and doing our best to help support and protect
someone who is being hurt. In many ways, this is another word
for being socially responsible.

The Bully Project: http://www.thebullyproject.com/?recruiter_id=53378

I Stand For The Silent: http://www.standforthesilent.org/index.php

To BUY “Bully”: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0059XTUJU/ref=as_li_tf_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B0059XTUJU&linkCode=as2&tag=bully0b-20

Kiki Archer: Lesbian Author and an Exclusive Interview!

Kiki Archer is a UK based lesbian author. I came to find her through my Kindle Fire when looking for a new, juicy romance novel. Before her writing career, Kiki was a secondary school teacher (what we know in the US as middle school) then went on to being a full-time mommy. Her and her partner of 7 years have two beautiful children together. What I find so appealing about her is that she’s very down-to-earth and her motherly duties come first over writing. Once her little ones fall asleep her creative juices get going and she gets lost in her element. She states in an interview with G3, “I feel incredibly lucky saying this, but being an author is the dream job for maintaining our style of family life.

Her first novel “But She Is My Student,” was released this year. Amazon’s book description says:

“Miss Katherine Spicer started her first day at Coldfield Comprehensive, confident, enthusiastic and very well qualified; that was until she met the eyes of the student sat hidden in the corner of her classroom. Kat’s final weekend of freedom was about to turn her life upside down and threaten everything she had been working for; how was she to know those mesmerising green eyes would reappear here? Great lesbian chick lit. A cross between Notes on a Scandal by Zoe Heller and Sugar Rush by Julie Burchill. The novel deals with the many issues of sexuality in a gripping, yet funny manner, pulling the reader back into a world of teenage nostalgia and school day memories.”

If any of you have seen the film Bloomington, this book reminded me of it. The teacher/student romance that is! I got through this book quickly and was so happy to know there was a sequel. “Instigations” was released a few months following the first. Both books are best sellers is their genre, with “But She Is My Student” reaching a #1 best seller on Amazon in the US & UK, Smashwords, Lulu, iTunes Book Charts in the UK & Austrailia.

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Kiki Archer and share it with all of you. Enjoy!

Which moment/s of “But She’s My Student” or “Instigations” have people expressed they’ve been most excited about? What are your own favorite moments in your books?

When you read the books on a kindle you can see which sections other people have highlighted the most, and they tend to be the bits where Kat is talking about sexuality, or trying to persuade Freya to come out, or just generally being a wonderful advocate for LGBT rights.

I am also told people love the build up of tension between the pair, along with the relationship between Kat and her flatmates.

And for those who have read “Instigations” I am constantly told that their favourite line is: “Your hands are wet. Have you been chopping the veg?”

My own personal favourite moment is from the end of “But She Is My Student” where Freya appears at Kat’s door when she is least expecting it. (I am a soppy so and so!)

What do you hope people will get out of reading your works?

I just hope they can relate to it. I hope they feel that they can connect with the characters and see part of themselves somewhere in there. I hope they get what I get out of reading a good book – a feeling of satisfaction, with a smile of memory, or regret, or amusement.

After the books were published, did you ever feel like you should’ve revised certain parts of it? Why or why not?

“But She Is My Student” was criticised for ending too quickly. People wanted to have more of the fairytale. They wanted to see what happened next. And I must admit, it was a rather abrupt ending. But on the plus side, this meant that I wrote the sequel “Instigations”, where I explored their ‘ending’ for a whole further novel! The raunchy les fic readers out there also said that “But She Is My Student” was a bit tame – (however I did write it for the young adult market, so I think it was appropriate) – but I did give in to them and sauce up “Instigations” …slightly.

Being that I live in the U.S., what do you think is the most obvious difference between lesbians in the U.S. and lesbians in U.K.?

I’m not sure what it is like over there in the US for lesbians, but here in the UK, sexuality seems of little importance anymore, especially for the current teenage generation. Being a lesbian isn’t something that defines you, it’s just something that lets people know a little bit more about you. Plus, it’s true what they say – All the cool girls are lesbians! But I do think my books are very ‘British’ in style. The schooling. The language. The humour. But regardless of where you live in the world, women fall in love with women and I guess that’s why my books are so relatable, because they simply follow the ups and downs of two women in love.

What gets your creative juices going?

Meeting new people actually, and getting to know them. Finding out about their lives / loves e.t.c … I am a very big people watcher and I believe that everyone has a story – you just have to ask the right questions.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Power Ballads. Trashy TV. Gossip magazines. Turkish Delight. (In no particular order … but preferably at the same time, with a gang of girl friends!)

Kiki Archer’s official site is http://www.kikiarcherbooks.com/

To buy her books visit Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Kiki-Archer/e/B007GNTTN8/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1353251114&sr=1-2-ent

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kiki.archer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kikiarcherbooks

Kylie Minogue smooches Elvis’ grand-daughter in new film “Jack & Diane”

The Australian superstar is putting her microphone down and using her mouth for other ventures. How exciting!

Little background: Kylie Minogue is HUGE in the LGBT world. Her fans are very committed to following her and staying up-to-date with her latest hits. She has always been very open to our community; performing at Pride events, LGBT Mardi Gras, and continuous gay venues throughout the world. Why wouldn’t we follow her? She’s amazing!

Back to the film – Jack and Diane, two teenage girls, meet in New York City and spend the night kissing ferociously. Diane’s charming innocence quickly begins to open Jack’s tough skinned heart. But, when Jack discovers that Diane is leaving the country in a week she tries to push her away. Diane must struggle to keep their love alive while hiding the secret that her newly awakened sexual desire is giving her werewolf-like visions.” (IMDb)

Finally, a lesbian horror/werewolf/romance film! Don’t think it’ll be exactly what you’re thinking though. I don’t believe there will be actual wolves as seen in the Twilight saga, but those “werewolf-like visions” do spark my curiosity!

So, where does Kylie fit in? Oh, she fits in just perfectly! Kylie, who plays tattooed character Tara, seduces the young teen Jack who comes to her for some kind of answers. At least that’s what I got from the trailer. Tara asks Jack, “why did you come here tonight?” (psh, I know why!) Jack responds, “I don’t know.” (Yes you do!) :P I love how different Kylie looks in this film. She’s so rugged with her hair all messy, tats on her arms, no glossy lips – not the typical Kylie we’re used to seeing.

“Jack & Diane”, directed by Bradley Rust Gray, will be on demand September 27th, 2012 and in selected theaters November 2nd, 2012! :D

Official website: http://www.magpictures.com/jackanddiane/

CinderFella by Todrick Hall – Legalize Love

What an amazing concept this man had for a video! CinderFella is by far the greatest inventive way of putting the past with the present. In Todrick Hall’s own words he states:

“I wanted to tell this famous fairy tale in a new and innovative way, combining familiar top 40’s songs with classic Disney melodies. This story speaks volumes and I think that love is as classic as this fairy tale. It’s time for us to legalize love in all shapes and colors. Please support this movement by posting this on your social media sites.”

When I was watching I felt like a kid again; I was reliving all those classic movies and remembering how I had pictured my own fairy tale. The spin on each story is what makes this video so unique and diverse. Love is all that matters. It goes back centuries. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight, or transgender – we all deserve love and happiness.

This video also features some big names such as Janice Dickinson, Kimberly Cole, Lance Bass, Aubrey O’ Day, and many more!

“Legalize Love”

PLEASE check out Todrick Hall’s YouTube page! All his other videos had me laughing so hard. In one video he recreates  a scene from Beauty And The Beast calling it, “Beauty And The BEAT!” Who had that title first I wonder – him or Justin Bieber? Now they have to sing it out together ;P What do you think? They can recreate some other story.

Back to Todrick’s page though, he has other stuff like singing his food order at various fast food locations, random flash mobs, and just being all around funny! Here is the link to his YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/todrickhall

Thanks everyone! Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, etc.  :)

Rumors swirling, is Willow Smith a lesbian?

Rumors are swirling if Willow Smith (11 yrs old), daughter of Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith, is a lesbian. A photo of the rising diva and her friend was posted to her Instagram supposedly during Gay Pride weekend showing off what looked to be real tongue piercings, but later was cleared up by Willow that they were actually “fake”. Photo below:


This photo was taken at The Grove in L.A. showing off her bright yellow hair and holding hands with another female. Of course looking at it people will assume it’s her girlfriend, but could easily be her BFF.

In the LGBTQ community we also know how “being yourself” and being an “individual” is important. We are always standing up for ourselves and fighting for what’s right. And because of that, her latest music video, “I Am Me”, is in question . There is a lot of hype due to the way she appears physically. Her head is shaved, she’s skateboarding, and her demeanor comes off very strong. She sings about being free, not needing validation, how she dresses, etc. Video below:

We must remember when we were 11 going on 12, we do a lot of changing, experimenting, learning, and expressing to really find who we are. Whether she is a lesbian, straight, or an alien from outer space her voice has grown beautifully and I really do enjoy her latest hit. And can I just say how much she looks like her dad?! Wow! 

What are your thoughts? Please feel free to share.

You can follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/OfficialWillow