Jessie J’s Sexuality

Jessie J is one of the most talented women I have come across in a really long time. She is 23 and from the UK. Her voice hypnotizes me the minute she opens her mouth (maybe it’s my thing for British accents too, lol). She does not prescribe to any labels and says that she, “loves who she loves.” However, in a video below she calls herself bisexual.

Her music is empowering. Tracks such as “Who You Are,” “Rainbow,” “L.O.V.E,” “Stand Up” and “Do It Like A Dude,” praises the self, differences, and stands for equality & the fight for it.

In this video she talks about her sexuality and says that she’s in love with a girl :)

This video is very inspiring, really shows off her vocal abilities:

This is one of my favorites. Complete girl power!

Her most recent single is called, “Domino.” It’s very upbeat and great to dance to.

I just love her! Enjoy!



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