Elektra – “I Don’t Do Boys”

One afternoon I was on YouTube browsing through videos and I came across this girl group from Iceland called Elektra. The title is “I Don’t Do Boys,” so of course I was interested to watch. I loved how these girly girls were all sitting around drinking their wine when all of a sudden this other group of “bad girls” comes and crashes/joins the party. They all sit in a circle and start to play spin the bottle. You know what happens in that game – LOTS of making out! ;) What lesbian doesn’t enjoy watching sexy girls kiss each other? As the video continues, it gets a bit crazier.

Watch and see for yourself, you’ll love it!

Sometimes we think that the US is very liberal, when in reality, it’s other countries that get to have this much fun. I’d love to see an American/US artist release a video similar to this. Ooo what would people say?


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