Kiki Archer: A NEW novel and a NEW interview — all while crunching on ice!

Her grin is just as great as her novel!

The amazing Kiki Archer has recently released her 9th BEST SELLING novel, “The Way You Smile.” We all wonder how she does it, don’t we? If you are an avid follower, you know this is not her only best selling, award winning book. Each one of her novels has topped the charts in lesbian fiction and they are currently breaking into the mainstream world.

“The Way You Smile” will grab you from the first page. Kiki has this magical pull within her writing style. It is captivating, intriguing, and makes you want more. Personally, I laughed out loud with this novel more than any of her others. It also played on my heart strings and that hopeless romantic side of myself. You will find yourself cheering for the characters and for love. I can’t forget to add my appreciation for the more risqué scenes that Kiki indulged us with. You’ll just have to go get a copy to know what I am talking about. ;)

On to the fun! I had the pleasure of interviewing the talented, fun-spirited, hard-working, and overall beautiful human being, Kiki Archer. From questions about her new novel to learning of her interesting habits… ;) Enjoy!

What, if anything particular, inspired your new novel “The Way You Smile”?

I wanted to write a book for all of the women struggling with daily life, daily routine and possible daily boredom. Sometimes you become a partner / a parent / an employee e.t.c. and you lose who you, who you were, or who you wanted to be. I wanted to bring the excitement back for those women… and Camila, the main character, certainly finds her excitement.

Does this novel have any deleted scenes? If so, would you mind sharing one with us?

The ending. My editor changed it. The theme I thoughtwas running through the novel was one of ‘there isn’t always a happy ending in life’ and ‘you don’t always fully know someone’s motivation’ and ‘life’s not like a movie with a defining final scene where everything comes together’ … so I left the ending open-ended – Was it really Harriet in the helicopter? Would Camila run to the field? … but those who have read it will know it’s the TOTAL ‘movie scene’ happy ever after ending!

Are there any topics you would like to write about but are hesitant to tackle?

No. I know my groove and it’s chick-lit. Light hearted and fun. I don’t think I’d ever try and do anything more serious.

Which is your favorite season to write in, and why?

I find it easier when it’s cold and raining… it’s the hot sunny days where I look outside and think: Nope, I’m off to a beer garden with friends instead.

If you had the opportunity to live anywhere in the world for a year while writing a book that took place in that same setting, where would you choose?

The ski slopes. I love skiing – One Foot Onto The Ice – so yes… but I’m not sure if there’s anywhere that has year-long snow??

What is your most unusual writing quirk?

I jig in my seat when writing an exciting or racy scene??? LOL.

What is your ideal environment to write in?

Total silence.

Would you rather write an infinite amount of top-charting novels or direct only one movie that made it to Hollywood?

Novels. – Let the people who know what they’re doing then direct them into films.

Get to know Kiki Archer:

Tell your readers an interesting fact about yourself.

I love eating ice. But I am very specific about my ice. My dream present would be an ice machine from Subway – it crunches out small, easy to crush in your mouth, balls of ice. I even rank establishment’s ice in order of edibility. McDonald’s isn’t great, too big, KFC is better, slightly thinner… but Subway and Nandos… mmmmmm, literally that ice does it for me. Just a cup of ice and I’m in heaven.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

I met some funny people at the Diva Music Festival this weekend that had me laughing lots.

What other language would you love to learn and why?

Chinese because it sounds fierce.

You’re a new addition in a crayon box. What color would you be and why?

You’re asking me to invent a new colour? Okay I’d be the colour hipyay..  it’s a funky bright colour.

What is typically your first thought when you wake up and your last thought before bed?

Why did I go to bed so late? Why am I waking up so early?

What is your favorite song at the moment? Favorite quote? 

I’ll Never Love Again from the film A Star is Born. “Don’t wanna give my heart away to another stranger.”

One more: What can we expect from Kiki Archer in the coming years?

Just more fun times and frolics – it’s what life’s about, right?


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