Rumors swirling, is Willow Smith a lesbian?

Rumors are swirling if Willow Smith (11 yrs old), daughter of Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith, is a lesbian. A photo of the rising diva and her friend was posted to her Instagram supposedly during Gay Pride weekend showing off what looked to be real tongue piercings, but later was cleared up by Willow that they were actually “fake”. Photo below:


This photo was taken at The Grove in L.A. showing off her bright yellow hair and holding hands with another female. Of course looking at it people will assume it’s her girlfriend, but could easily be her BFF.

In the LGBTQ community we also know how “being yourself” and being an “individual” is important. We are always standing up for ourselves and fighting for what’s right. And because of that, her latest music video, “I Am Me”, is in question . There is a lot of hype due to the way she appears physically. Her head is shaved, she’s skateboarding, and her demeanor comes off very strong. She sings about being free, not needing validation, how she dresses, etc. Video below:

We must remember when we were 11 going on 12, we do a lot of changing, experimenting, learning, and expressing to really find who we are. Whether she is a lesbian, straight, or an alien from outer space her voice has grown beautifully and I really do enjoy her latest hit. And can I just say how much she looks like her dad?! Wow! 

What are your thoughts? Please feel free to share.

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