The Real L Word: Season 3 – Get ready for a “Ladies Night”

West meets East

Tune in on Thursday, July 12th at 10pm

Here we go again ladies! Showtime’sThe Real L Word” is back and better than ever before (so I’ve heard). Get ready for that stir-crazy drama that we all get hooked on. In season 3 we meet new women from both the west side (LA) and east side (NY). Sounds gang related, no? But in the sexiest way possible of course! These women all intertwine in many different ways which we will all find out together.

Whitney is a veteran of The Real L Word. We’ve seen her since season 1. She’s the one women that is always compared to “Shane” from the show that inspired this show, “The L Word”. This season also revisits the lives of Sara, Romi, Kacy, and Cory that were featured in Season 2. The newbies are always fun to throw in because it always puts a different spin on the series. This season we meet Lauren (partying it up in LA), Amanda (from NY, Lauren’s “BFF, friends-with-benefits” buddy), Kiyomi (“heartbreaking” rockstar in an all lesbian band), and Somer (newly married to her wife, having a hard time living a “normal”, domesticated lifestyle while being a new member of the all lesbian band).

So there you have it, some fun to look forward to tomorrow night! Make sure to tune in, TiVo it, go to someone’s house to watch, whatever you gotta do! DO IT :P For more detailed information check out the official website here:


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