The Real World: San Diego

(Top L to R – Frank, Sam, Priscilla, Nate. Bottom L to R – Ashley, Zach, Alexandra)

Who doesn’t love a little reality TV in their lives? Especially a show that purposely puts people who are completely different together JUST to watch them get into it? For years I have watched this show off and on and it seems that in every season they have an LGBT person in the mix. So this season I was curious, once again, to know who it was going to be.

First we have Frank Sweeney who was described by MTV as a “whirlwind of emotions” and “master of manipulation”. He is openly bisexual and has stated that he hooks up with anyone willing. Personally, I think he is more on the gay side. Females view him as more of a “best friend” type rather than a boyfriend. If you watch you’d know what I’m talking about. Seems he is still struggling with his sexual identity.

Then we have Samantha (Sam) McGinn who self-described herself as a “stud lesbian” and a “girlfriend stealer”. When I first saw her I thought maybe she could be transitioning, but it seems she is just very butch. She comes across as being very confident and comfortable in her skin.

As happy as I am that the LGBT community is being represented, I feel as though it’s always stereotypical. Especially with the lesbians. Almost always it’s more butch than it is feminine. They’ve casted bisexual girls, but really they are just girls who get drunk and make out with other girls. I don’t ever remember seeing a “lipstick” lesbian on the show. We do exist people! :) I would just like to see all areas represented. Ya know?

Tune in and watch. I think this is going to be an interesting season for sure!



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