What Wegan Did Next


I first discovered this blog page through Twitter. Curve Magazine (http://www.curvemag.com/) was advertising there “Real Life Lesbians” campaign and it caught my attention. I clicked and voila, that very cool picture above and major lesbian energy!

This blog is about these two women who are engaged but live in different countries. Megan is currently residing in the UK, while her fiance Whitney is in Hawaii finishing school. They take you through their journey of a long distance relationship and other subjects such as life, love, fashion, and gay rights. Their blog also has many other websites linked to it. Oh, networking is so fun!


2 thoughts on “What Wegan Did Next

  1. It’s amazing isn’t it? how far social networking has come over the years and how it connects people despite the distance? to think back in the day it was all about writing letters and sending it off hoping the mail wouldn’t get lost and that there’d be no carbon copy to proof read half way out to it’s destination :)

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