Chely Wright & Lauren Blitzer are married!

I want to send a HUGE congratulations to Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer! They were married on Saturday, August 20th at Blitzer’s aunts house in Connecticut. I really admire Chely Wright – she publicly came out last year and put her career on the line for her own happiness. Now look at her, she’s married to the woman she loves!

I watched that episode of her on Oprah and I was crying – I felt her pain. Coming out is hard enough and being in the spotlight would only make it that much harder. You go girl for staying strong and fighting for your own happiness! You have so many people who DO support you! :D

The LGBT community really looks up to Chely Wright. We love our advocates for equality!

May you and Lauren have a blessed marriage and always love each other! Yay! Here are two photos Chely posted on Twitter on Saturday.

The beautiful ladies before their ceremony
Happy Newlyweds!

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