Lesbian Movies

Ok ladies, here is my list of recommended films :D 

1.)  Aimee & Jaguar

2.) I Can’t Think Straight

3.) Amour de Femme (French film)

4.) Fingersmith

5.) The Secrets

6.) The Kids Are All Right

7.) High Art

8.) Loving Annabelle

9.) Gia

10.) The World Unseen

11.) Imagine Me & You

12.) Elena Undone

13.) The Gymnist

14.) When Night Is Falling

15.) Saving Face

16.) Eloise (2009, Spanish film)

17.) Bloomington

18.) The Fish Child (Spanish film)

19.) Kyss Mig (Swedish film)

20.) Drool

21.) It’s In The Water

22.) Kissing Jessica Stein

23.) An Unexpected Love

24.) Bound

25.) Running On Empty Dreams

26.) Circumstance (Iranian film)

27.) Three Veils

28.) Purple Sea (Italian film)

29.) Blue Is The Warmest Color (French film)

All of these films have something different and unique that I enjoy. If you’re into more of the action versus storyline, some of these you may find boring. I personally enjoy a great storyline with great characters. Of course the steamy love scenes and romance gets me hooked also! :D

Have fun!


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