Shakira — What happened to you?

Not sure if any of you are up-to-date on the new music that’s been released recently, but Shakira has a new single called “She Wolf.” The song is catchy and would probably be pretty good to dance to in a club. Basically, she’s singing about transforming at night into this wild woman.

Why I’m writing about this song is really because of the video. If you haven’t seen it, click or copy and paste this link and watch it — I get that this video is supposed to reveal her turning into this sexual-being, but how it was shown was just awkward. Her movements are “new” according to an interview she had. Well, DUH! They’re WEIRD. Yes, she’s a unique woman, always has been but some of those movements weren’t sexy. At one point I thought she was doing a Native American rain dance. I caught myself thinking, “uhh… ok? Really?” Let’s not forget she was like half naked too. Shakira is already a beautiful woman, she doesn’t need to hump a cage to get her point across.

Anyway, that’s my rant about it. I still enjoy the song. We can all relate to the song in some way I’m sure :)


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