Your choice – be responsible for it

I’m sick of watching these shows about teen pregnancy (however, I do watch them for entertainment purposes so I can get a good laugh — evil, I know). Shows such as 16 and Pregnant and The Secret Life Of The American Teenager.

Let me first rant about 16 and pregnant. If you watch, I swear all the girls are cheerleaders. What’s that about? Anyway, off topic. These girls CHOSE to have sex (unprotected sex I’m guessing since oops, prego!) They CHOSE to keep their babies yet what do I hear? Bitching and moaning. I saw one episode where the girl asked her mom, “so, how much do you think you can help at night?” Her mom responded, “not much, I need my sleep.” HAHA, did she really expect her mom to take care of her kid? These teens are children themselves. I say if you choose to keep your child then be fucking responsible for them! If you really aren’t ready to be a parent, give the baby up for adoption at least.

Now, the secret life of a prego chic — this show, oh lord! I get so mad. If you haven’t seen this show it’s about a 15 year old girl who had sex, got pregnant and decided to keep her baby — shocker. On the most recent episode she expressed to her mother that she wants to go to Italy with her boyfriend (not the babies daddy, just so you know) alone, without her baby, and wants her mom to watch him for a month. She expresses to her mom that, “I’m gonna have a kid for the rest of my life!” Well duuuhhhh, you CHOSE to keep your baby! So basically she wanted to ditch her baby for a month to vacation in Italy.

I get that it’s hard. I’ve been around children most of my life. Children are needy. I’ve babysat for hours on end and it’s tiring. Teenagers want to be treated like adults, to be trusted and feel responsible. If they can make the choice to have sex, whether it’s protected sex or not, then they should deal with the consequences. Whatever they may be.

The end.


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